Pastor (Prof) Adebayo Abayomi

Text: 1 Peter 1:16, Genesis 2:18.

You cannot live a meaningful life being lonely. God knows the essence of relationships

6 Basic Classes of Relationships

  1. Blood Relationship: The life of everybody is from the blood relationship.
  2. Educational Relationship: Another level of relationship begins from your academics. It is meant to build your knowledge capacity; it makes you fit in to life. When you do not go through education, life becomes defective. For you to reach your destination in life you need God not your certificate. Do not worship your certificate.
  3. Religious/Spiritual Relationship: The purpose of this relationship is to connect you back to your Creator. Your creator gives you better illumination of your destiny. You have so much to do in your life but until you connect to your creator you are limited to your physical view of life.
  4. Work/Business Relationship: It is a means of right living.
  5. Marital Relationship: It is meant for companionship, it is the closest and the most unique kind of relationship.
  6. Special Relationship: These are relationship with mentors, role models; who you admire and see something great in them you want to be like.


  1. How you relate in life determines how you will be like: Genesis 24:17-21
    Relationship lifted Rebekah and made her come into limelight. By one simple relationship, Rebekah was connected for life. Rebekah was not looking for money, she was looking for destiny.
  2. There is relationship that produces blessings or curse: Every wrong step has results. Up to 75% percent of human being is not successful due to wrong steps they have taken on their road to destiny. Until you connect to God you can never be satisfied. Every wrong decision can change your destiny. How you will be in life is determined by the quality of relationship in life. Are you carelessly handling your relationships in life?
  3. Relationship can connect you to either God or destruction:


Sex is a blood relationship: It is sin that you confess that God forgives

  • Sex is not permitted in the educational
  • Sex is not permitted in spiritual relationship.
  • Sex is not permitted in work relationship.
  • Sex is not permitted in extra marital relationship.
  • Sex is not permitted in

Every step to sex is drainage to destiny. When sexual urge catches a person the brain will not function effectively.

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