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Word of Prophecy:

You will have enough to go through the challenges of life in the name of Jesus. You will be empowered tonight to face challenge of life and overcome it in the name of Jesus. You will subdue and prevail over the challenges of life; your victories are established tonight in the name of Jesus.

I want to speak to South-West youths in Nigeria. There is a big challenge ahead of us and no one seems to be saying anything about it. This is a Federative country. In this country, many things are skewed against the South-Western youths of this generation. When talk about population, the North has it and it’s increasing every day. In the area of education, the North and other parts of South-South have the advantage over South-West. In the area of internal crisis, there are Federal Government’s agencies established to take care of displaced people or needs of the affected people. Such like Niger/Delta commission and North/East commission etc. When they are using federal character, the portion of South-West has been fully utilized because of number of unemployed graduates. To be admitted to higher institutions in South-West Nigeria, the cut off mark is higher compare to what it obtainable in other higher institutions in Northern part of the country. In term of promotion at the federal government agencies, many South-West people have been deprived of promotion because of small vacancies that are available for many people in contest. We have a big problem at hand that seems unnoticed or nobody cares to address it.

We need to sit down and rethink. The South-West youths should press for answer to all these problems. South-West are virtually deprived of all benefits we should enjoy. This cannot go on for long and that is why you must rise up to address the issues now!


  1. Inequitable distribution of resources between the poor and the rich; the educated and uneducated etc. You must use your skills and talents to get what belong to you, and also to get to the top.
  2. Lower morality. There will be loss of standard, devaluing of human ethnics. There will be more immoralities everywhere. There will be little or no more virtues in our society.
  3. Joblessness. There will be increase in unemployment unless will change our orientation towards job creations. We must focus on entrepreneurship to create jobs in our society. You must develop your skills and talents in order to survive 21st century challenges.

We must build our capacity in the area of spirituality. That is, having deep relationship with God, knowing Him the more and we must strive to be like God. The main calling of man is to be like God. Our pursuits in life should focus on how to be like God in character and power. In every area of your life, you will be in charge in the name of Jesus. The secret of being a higher flyer in life in this 21st century challenges is to be like God and you must go for it.


  1. Father, whatever cannot withstand You will not stand against me in life in the name of Jesus.
  2. Father, prepare me for better tomorrow; prepare me for the mansion above in the name of Jesus.

14/10/2109. Special Miracle Service. Ministering: Bishop Mike Bamidele. Title: “BUILDING CAPACITY FOR 21ST CENTURY CHALLENGES”

Special Miracle Service. Ministering: Bishop Mike Bamidele. Title: “BUILDING CAPACITY FOR 21ST CENTURY CHALLENGES”

Posted by Victory Life Tv on Monday, 21 October 2019

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