The fellowship was inaugurated on 22nd October, 2016 as part of the activities to mark 30th wedding anniversary of Bishop Mike Bamidele and Reverend Mary Titi Bamidele. The inauguration took place at Leisure Spring Hotel, Iwo- Ibadan Road, Osogbo, Osun State.

The inspiration to convene the Eminent Men and Leaders Fellowship International came through the leading of Holy Spirit. It is an interdenominational fellowship aimed at helping men become better leaders who set the pace in life. The aim is to reach out to men who are frontliners and in leadership positions in all walks of life and encourage them to fulfill divine purpose. It aims at helping men become good examples to those coming behind and making men better vision, attain their goals have synergy and pursue and attain excellence in life.


The fellowship has the following objectives:

  • To confidentially meet the peculiar and special needs of eminent men who are in leadership positions in all walks of life.
  • To care for eminent men and their families while handling life’s joys, challenges, family, harmony and assist them in raising well behaved children free from stubbornness, addiction, careless living, immorality, wastefulness and assist them in ensuring the good health, divine protection and progress if every family member.
  • To assist and encourage eminent men in leadership positions to excel in fulfilling their peculiar roles in life and provide an avenue for eminent men to meet, to share love and experience with fellow men in similar positions.
  • To assist eminent men and leaders to be discerning and not to become victims of fake spiritualists, charlatans, deceivers and scammers whose god is their belly.
  • To raise men who love and serve God. His word and His kingdom passionately.
  • Developing in eminent men and leaders the virtues of submission to God, meekness and quietness which are highly valued in God’s sight.
  • To encourage eminent men and leaders to pray and spiritually handle challenges of their family members, careers, businesses and position in life.
  • To emphasize the leadership role God has placed on men in the home, society and church.
  • To raise men whose accomplishments in their callings will be outstanding and command attention, respect and followership.
  • To inspire men to give back to the society, particularly the less-privileged.
  • To reach out with message of God’s love and divine consciousness of purpose to fellow men.
  • To raise men who will be role models, mentors and good examples to the younger generations.

The fellowship is to be meeting on quarterly basis.

To become a member of Eminent Men and Leaders Fellowship, click here to register online. The membership is also open to women who are positions of leadership or aspiring to become a leader in the nearest future.


  • Father, make everyone in my family prominent; make us frontliners in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, take me from where I am to where I ought to be in life and destiny in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, remove the unteachable spirit in my life; remove every spirit of rebellion and stubbornness in my life in Jesus’ name.
  • I enter into the realm of the spirit, every evil written against me be cancelled by the Blood of Jesus.
  • Whatever sentences men to the back will not have effect on me in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, let every force of failure in spite of my efforts be totally terminated now in Jesus’ name.
  • Oh Lord, make me a frontliners; take me out of the pit of life and set me in high places in Jesus’ name.