For a hugely successful and patriotic man who has seen it all, it is not surprising that Bishop Mike Bamidele hopes to have a functioning educational system, He hinged the success of Africa raising global players that would solve world problems on the provision of a workable and self-sustaining education to the youth. According to him, he says “My dream and hope is to see the secondary school system healed of the mass failure in various subjects especially Mathematics and English Language. So is my concern to see young people have something they can do immediately after secondary school education, whether with their hands or their brain, a functional type of education that can make a person self-sustained or that can prepare him for high level scholastic work.” “I am looking forward to raising global players in every field of human endeavour who can answer Africa’s problems. I do not know how that can come to be, but that is the dream because I believe that the future industries should be African owned. Future breakthroughs should be African directed.”

His strong and undying love for a strong and viable educational system in the country and on the African continent explains why he is so committed to contributing his quota in effecting the necessary changes in the sector. Currently, construction of the school is going at Wisdom City, Ilesha-Akure expressway, Oriade Local Government of Osun State, Nigeria.