1. I receive grace to walk in royal dominion.
  2. As I declare and decree in 2024, it shall come to pass.
  3. Whatever I bind in 2024 shall be bound in Jesus name
  4. My appearance will show glamour and beauty in 2024.
  5. I receive change of garments in 2024 in the name of Jesus Christ.
  6. I shall dominate all my adversaries in 2024 in the name of Jesus Christ.
  7. Lord I receive the mouth and wisdom the enemy can’t gainsay nor resist in the name of Jesus Christ.
  8. I dominate and reign over sicknesses and ill- health throughout 2024.
  9. I will occupy my throne in life in the name of Jesus Christ.
  10. I will control wealth I have never controlled in my life.
  11. Circumstances and challenges shall bow to me regularly in Jesus name.
  12. I will rule in the midst of my enemies.
  13. By the grace of God, I shall be a terror to the kingdom of darkness in 2024.
  14. Come what may, I shall enjoy financial dominance in 2024.
  15. Lord, as I exercise my authority in 2024. I shall have what I say in Jesus name.
  16. In 2024, the name of Jesus and the word of God in my mouth will achieve great result.
  17. Oh God of heaven, let all my children walk in royal dominion in 2024.
  18. Lord God Almighty, I receive grace to overcome any weakness or attitude that can hinder my royal dominion.
  19. Standing on Your word oh God, no evil will befall me or any members of my family in 2024.
  20. God Almighty, please let my life give you pleasure in 2024.
  21. Father in heaven; please take all my children to their next level in all areas of life.
  22. My Lord and my God please don’t allow any of my child to submit him/herself to satanic rule
  23. I declare and decree evil habits will not dominate my children.
  24. Jehovah Jireh, I receive prosperity that will make me a blessing to family, location and ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.
  25. I receive irreversible blessings every day in 2024.
  26. God of mercy, please crown my efforts and intentions with unexplainable breakthroughs and victories in 2024 in the name of Jesus Christ.
  27. Oh Lord, as a reigning king, let me possess wisdom that can subdue any situation, circumstance and challenge in the name of Jesus Christ.
  28. God of mercy, please deliver me from costly errors that can bring down in 2024 in the name of Jesus Christ.
  29. I receive irreversible blessings every day in 2024 in the name of Jesus Christ.
  30. Oh Lord, in my family, we receive long awaited miracles, healings, weddings, re-unions, admissions, graduations, house dedication, etc. in 2024.
  31. With the blood of Jesus Christ, I renew my covenant of daily victory, daily testimonies and daily thanksgiving in 2024.
  32. Lord I decree no man shall cause me pain or hurt me in anyway in 2024.
  33. Places I have never been, people I have never met, Lord God of Almighty let me miraculously encounter them.
  34. Merciful God please keep me waiting and watching for the coming, Jesus my saviour that whenever He comes I will go with Him.
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