The lecture was delivered during the quarterly meeting of EMINENT PERSONS FELLOWSHIP; an interdenominational fellowship inaugurated on 22nd October, 2016 as part of the activities to mark 30th wedding anniversary of founding bishop of Victory Life Ministries International, Bishop Mike Bamidele and Reverend Mary Titi Bamidele. According to Bishop Mike Bamidele, the inspiration to convene the Eminent Persons Fellowship came through the leading of Holy Spirit. It is an interdenominational fellowship aimed at helping men and women in position of authority to become better leaders who set the pace in life. The aim is to reach out to men and women who are frontliners and in leadership positions in all walks of life and encourage them to fulfill divine purpose. It aims at helping men and women to become good examples to those coming behind.

Below is the key lecture delivered by the guest speaker, Reverend Samuel Bunmi Jenyo at Distinguished Events center, Iwo-Ibadan road, the venue of the programme.

It is an indisputable fact that Politics, as subtle, intricate and dynamic as it is, cannot be separated from Faith, which serves as a cardinal bedrock of engagement in a democratic setting.

Indeed, the role of faith in politics cannot be overestimated, as it guides political players and animals, so to speak, to make impact and drive societal norms for progress and development.

Without mincing words, Christians who are the mirror of CHRIST in today’s world must not shy away from taking cognisance of a need to fill a vacuum, capable of shaping the affairs of men from perseverance to an enduring benefits and prosperity. It is high time Christians rise up into politics, with a view to showcase the image of CHRIST JESUS in politicking.

JESUS CHRIST, the author and finisher of Christian faith was an effective, amiable and productive leader who imparted a lot into all his followers. Through his humility, selflessness, capacity, commitment, purposefulness and integrity, JESUS delivered an everlasting spirit of reconciliation of darkness to light, obscurity to limelight and hopelessness into optimism. giving joy and fulfilling attainments, in the world and heavenly places.

Unfortunately, some Christians of nowadays are running away from politics, going by the attendant factors of corruption, distrust, disloyalty, defamation and several other risks and unimaginable consequences of actions and inactions taken. Some Christians are erroneous of the opinion that whoever is in politics is for cheap money and personal aggrandishment. This is totally wrong.

I can confidently tell you, by GOD’s grace, that politics is for real Christians who carry the genuine mandate of the Almighty GOD to make positive influence and impacts on the people in their domains Local Governments, States and the Country, as the case may be.

Since I returned to my fatherland from the United Kingdom as a successful businessman in 2004, I have engaged in politicking that ranges from contesting, holding positions of trust from the grassroots, up to the Zonal level which covers nothing less than six States and National Level.

They claim that politics is so bad that it will be very difficult for any genuine or practicing Christian to successfully navigate the terrain of politics without soiling their hands in sin.

Christians in Nigeria hate politics and call it dirty.

It is generally believed Christians shun politics due to their conviction or conclusion that politics in Nigeria is conducted in darkness. The belief is that diabolism and occultism are endemic amongst Nigerian politicians. This is largely true, but participation in diabolism is by choice and not by force. The question that most Christians falled to ask is “how did darkness take over politics in Nigeria? As the saying goes, “each one brings what he has

Joining politics is good for Christians and everyone with good conscience

Angels don’t change any country, only good people do.

These opportunities have given me the needed experience and conviction that Christians can do politics, make impacts as well as getting better both personally and collectively with the people.

Having stated above, it is obvious that politics can be played by Christians and get a desirable result, especially for the good of humanity.

So, it is safe to recommend that Christians engage in politics, Nothing to fear, no need to hide under the hypocrisy of being a Christian not to contribute their quota to the society, when the symbol of Christianity. JESUS was an effective leader, while on this planet called the ‘earth’.

One can emerge a leader through politics. So, those who actually want to be CHRIST-like or who have faith in HIM must be in politics, not for selfish reasons but for the good of humanity and records for posterity.

At this juncture, the onus is on the Christians who are already doing well in politics at whatever level, to demonstrate leadership, positive impact and indelible footprints on the sand of time, without compromising the standard of a devout Christian in them. This will serve as a factor for attracting more Christians into the game of politics. It is an axiom that no one else does it better than a real Christian. Those in the helm of affairs at whatever level must portray themselves as worthy ambassadors and exemplary leaders of men, not only in the Vineyard of GOD but also amidst the generality of their people.

In so doing, more Christians will be attracted to political games and the world would be better for it.

Thank you for listening & GOD bless!

Reverend ‘Bunmi Jenyo (JP) GOD’s Choice International Ministry.

8th July, 2023.

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