Bishop’s Welcome Message

We are in a new era that requires a new anointing. It is also an era of the prophetic agenda of the last days. A new wave has arrived in the ocean of human history, it is time for new grace, new exploits; old records are being broken, new records are being set. This year convention is to generate power for the new exploits you are about to see. The power to do exploits will be given to you in the name of Jesus. God will be revealing Himself to you. He will reveal His faithfulness and as a rewarder for those who diligently seek Him. Get ready to know more of God. It is the people that know their God that will be strong and do great exploits, uncommon accomplishments, notable deeds and greater things. It is time for new waves of exploits.

The various sessions and seminars are packaged so that you are inspired to see the new exploits about to happen. The speakers are prophetic channels for the new waves of God. Bishop Wake Oke, Bishop Oyonude Kure, Bishop David Bakare, Bishop Samson Grace, Bishop Taiwo Adelakun, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, Pastor Paul Enenche and other music ministers from the United States and United Kingdom.

This year is a prophetic channel for the new waves of God. Hit your right foot on the ground where you are. This ground is a ground of a city with a strong prophetic waves. God is set to make new waves here! Everything you need to have unforgettable time of knowing God has been made available. By the end of the convention, see what will happen to you! You will be empowered; you will succeed where you have failed before, and you will see results where you have been insulted.

This year convention is hereby declared opened in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.


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