Dearest Great One,

Greetings of Love and Victory to you. I welcome you most heartily and joyfully to the Victory Life World Convention 2023. This is the 30th edition of the gathering of champions in the city of Ilesha-Nigeria and online.

I welcome you to an awesome time of revelation of the exceeding greatness of our exclusively and incomparably great God. I welcome you to a time of fellowship with God’s people across denominational and ministry lines.

This is the convention that inspires champions and raises new champions. This is a gathering of sharp irons, sharpening each other. It is a great gathering of multiple Divine Connections to the flow of God’s current move on the earth. It is a place of the release of great mantles and anointing.

This mountain is a mountain of voices for distinct direction into destiny. It is a platform for divine solutions to life’s numerous challenges. It is an atmosphere of the word and the Spirit. It is an atmosphere of love and laughter, an atmosphere of beneficial friendship and profitable relationships.

I believe that in this convention you will come to new realities about the exceeding greatness of God’s power. You will see Him at work demonstrating His power over life’s challenges. Saving souls, breaking the yoke of addictions, purifying lives from crimson to wool. You will experience His healing power. His prosperity power will be deposited into your life. You will have dominion over evil spirits. Evil occurrences, tragedies regretful occurrences, sorrows and signings shall flee away.

You will see evil no more forever!

The forces working stubbornly against your fulfillment of God given destiny shall be humiliated by the release of exceeding greatness of God’s power. Your Pharaohs shall drown, so shall your Haman hang. The pit the enemy dug for you shall become his own grave as he falls into it.

God’s greatness shall be transmitted into your life. You will be great. You cannot be small. The greater one lives in you. They that are with you are more than those against you


There are places that carry unction and mantles due to interaction of men with the Spirit of God in those places. Such that the engagement of these men leaves the places as contact points for new experiences and open heavens. Ilesha is one of such prophetic places. Therefore get ready for amazing spiritual encounters on this ground. Certainly you will receive new direction and get affirmations on the right paths you are following.


I must express deep gratitude to God for moving to gather His people every year since 1994. The restrictions on gatherings in 2020 due to the raging deadly Corona Virus, COVID 19 could not even stop the convention from holding so effectively. At the 30th edition, a new generation of participants and ministers have emerged. We are experiencing the fulfillment of the promise of the outpouring of the spirit upon sons and daughters.

We declare that God is faithful.

The 30th edition marks the beginning of your global manifestation, new baptism, new empowerment, open heavens, heavenly voice, great affirmations and confirmations Luke 3:21-23

I thank all our ministers joining me this year and all who have been a blessing on the platform of the convention in the previous editions. Massive gratitude to fathers of faith whose endorsements and presence over the years have brought remarkable acceptance and visibility to the work of the Holy Spirit at the convention. Worthy of mention are Bishop Francis Wale Oke, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Bishop Oyonnude Kure, Bishop Felix Remi Adejumo, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, Bishop Samson Grace, Bishop Taiwo Adelakun, Bishop David Bakare, Bishop Ransome Belloand a host of others who annually come to be a blessing.

I celebrate with heart of melody the annually transforming convention choir. Our music ministers, The Denton’s, The Emma sons, Evan. Tope Alabi, Pastor Moji Alawiye, Pastor Abraham Praise, Pastor Peter Israel and many others that time will not permit me to list here.

VICTORY LIFE WORLD CONVENTION 2023 is hereby declared opened in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Yours For

Exceeding Greatness

Bishop (Dr.) Mike Bamidele J.P.

Founder: Victory Life Ministries Int.

Overseer: Victory Chapel Int.

Convener: Victory Life World Convention


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